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Burgercraft is the brainchild of Chef Bruce (owner and chef of Meat n’ Chill), featuring a range of classic burger offerings complemented by decadent milkshakes and exquisite wines. Each burger — from bun, to patty, and sauce — forms a golden ratio, made possible with Chef Bruce’s years of experimentation and combination of various culinary techniques. After years of cooking up raved about burgers at Meat n’ Chill, Chef Bruce decided to create Burgercraft by taking an unpretentious approach to show you that burgers can be simple, yet taste amazing. You’ll never find our burgers’ recipes anywhere else. But, we’ll let you in on a secret: Our handcrafted burgers take over 48 hours to prepare before they reach you, with premium cuts used for the best flavour. Pair that with a luxurious milkshake or glass of wine and you’re set. Burger enthusiast (or not), you’ll be dreaming of our burgers for days. As Chef Bruce says, “Satisfaction is just a bite away here at Burgercraft”. This is the time for you to experience the burgers that you deserve, done right.

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